How to play PhotoCross


To get started, click the Settings button to choose which setting you want: Easy, Medium, or Hard. Easy is aimed at ages six and under, Medium at ages five through eight, and Hard at ages seven through ten. But since everybody's different, play at whatever level you want.

To the right is a typical puzzle at the Hard level (we've removed the keyboard from the image just to save space). A blinking blue cursor tells you which space you'll type a letter in.

In the puzzle below, the blinking blue cursor's highlighted inside a blue rectangle.

If you type in an incorrect letter, that letter appears in black (as seen inside the red circle in the puzzle below); type in the correct letter, and it switches automatically to green.

When you've finished a puzzle, click on the New Puzzle button, and your previous puzzle vanishes, replaced by a new puzzle.

That's it! Please note that the added text, the blue rectangle, and the red circle are just for illustration, and won't appear on your iPad screen.

Here’s how you play PhotoCross:

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